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Dental Insurance vs. Our In-Office Dental Discount Plan –
It’s worth the time to do the math!

Please check out our Healthy Smiles Dental Discount Plan and see if it is right for you!

Did you know that dental insurance premiums are rising every year but benefits keep going down instead of up? In fact, most dental insurance companies have not raised the total yearly benefit since 1964! Can you believe that? That’s right, most dental insurance plans had a maximum benefit of $1,000 in 1964 and that remains the benefit level today for many dental insurance plans. Dental insurance just doesn’t make sense financially for some people any longer. But everyone deserves affordable dental care so for any patient at Riverpoint Family Dentistry, we offer one the most affordable dental discount plans available in the Albuquerque area. Just click on the link below to download our Healthy Smiles Dental Discount Plan and compare its costs and benefits to those of your dental insurance plan and see which offers you the best financial deal for you and your entire family.

Enrolling you and your family in this DENTAL DISCOUNT PLAN
will allow you to have the following benefits:


No waiting periods – Start your treatment today!


No claims forms


No yearly maximums


No deductibles


No “major work” waiting periods


No “pre-authorizations” required


No “missing tooth” clause restrictions or exclusions


Best of all, many services are for free or ONLY cost a dollar!

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